Black Theatre Workshop, Geordie Productions, Hudson Village Theatre Company, Imago Theatre, Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal, Repercussion Theatre, Tableau D’Hôte Theatre, Talisman Theatre, Teesri Dunya, and Youtheatre band together to reveal their 16/17 artistic seasons in an evening of endless possibility

Stop by for music, great food and the unveiling of an entertaining, thought provoking, side splitting and utterly stunning artistic theatre season.

We will be live streaming the event on the coalition’s Facebook page and on Twitter under the hashtag #thelaunchmtl.

Want to help Tableau D’Hôte Theatre out?

Would you be willing to make a monthly donation to help Tableau D’Hôte continue to be Montréal’s home for Canadian theatre? We’re pleased to announce the launch of our 10x100 drive. We’re looking for 100 art lovers who are willing and able to make $10 monthly donations for the next year.