Tableau D’Hôte Theatre is an award-winning company, founded in 2005 by Mathieu Murphy-Perron and Mike Payette who wished to see more Canadian voices present on stages around English Montréal. Since, the company has grown into a critically and peer acclaimed independent company often regarded for its ability to explore alternate forms of storytelling, its design aesthetic and promoting Canadian work by both emerging and established playwrights. Our objective is simple yet unique in the English community: to engage audiences in provocative theatre that reflects the perspective and voices of the nations upon nations that make up Canada to Montréal.

Tableau D’Hôte Theatre has maintained a voice within this city as the vessel for English Canadian work that has not been done in Québec.  We are the only company in Montréal solely committed to this mission.  Additionally, as our country continues to shift and evolve, both the company and the individual artists involved share in the responsibility in investigating what truly makes the “Canadian voice” distinguishable and how we can reflect the diverse populations in Canada with our shows.  We see the merit in theatre being a tool for dialogue among communities in order to express these stories and showcase cultural strengths.

The very mandate of the company is rooted in a need for intercultural dialogue and cultural reconciliation. By bringing English Canadian plays that have often toured the country and the world but skipped over Montréal due to our linguistic makeup, we aim to not only share stories from the “Rest of Canada” with Anglophone Montréalers, but also to expose Allophone and Francophone Montréalers to the diversity of voices that make up Canada. How does theatrical storytelling change from region to region? Which stories do regions choose to develop and why? What place do these stories hold in their unique geopolitical landscape? We have sought to explore these notions through various forms since our founding.