En Pointe

A spontaneously-created socially-distanced episodic series of bilingual short plays 

En pointe follows the encounters and adventures of interconnected characters living in a working-class neighborhood amid unprecedented world crisis. Emerging from their homes after a prolonged quarantine during a global pandemic, they seek human contact, purpose, and a sense of belonging. From the pressure-cooker of isolation to adapting and resisting to a neighbourhood transformed by gentrification, can their individual hopes, fears, dreams lead to collective change and connection?

Summaries and adaptations

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9


Many have asked how to support Tableau D’Hôte Theatre’s mission and operations. While En Pointe is generously supported by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Conseil des arts de Montréal, we graciously accept and appreciate all donations, be they one-time or recurring.


Émilie Barrette

Anna Beaupré Moulounda

George Bekiaris

Delphine Bienvenu

Ryan Bommarito

Devon Hardy

Matt Holland

Mike Hughes

Justin Johnson

Richard Jutras

Cat Lemieux

Amir Sám Nakhjavani

Frédéric Paquet

Christine Rodriguez

France Rolland

Anne-Marie Saheb

Production team

Mathieu Murphy-Perron
Playwright, Director

Charley Hausknost
Stage Manager

Olivia Woods
Assistant Director

Stephanie Breton

Sophie El-Assaad
Costume designer

Zoe Roux
Costume Designer

Rob Denton
Sound Designer

AJ Korkidakis
Videographer, Graphic Design

Jaclyn Turner
Comic illustrator

Andrew Scriver
Production Manager

Lindsay Petts
COVID-19 Coordinator

Camila Fitzgibbon
Media relations

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