In 1969, students occupied the computer centre on the 9th floor of the Hall Building of what is now Concordia University to protest the university’s mismanagement of a racism complaint lodged by West-Indian students against their biology professor. Riot police were called in when an agreement to end the occupation fell through, resulting in widespread damage, a mysterious fire, and over a hundred arrests. Created and devised by some of Montréal’s most prolific artists, Blackout re-examines the events the led to the occupation and protests, asking how race relations have changed in Québec over the last 50 years.

Blackout: the Concordia Computer Riots was developed in collaboration with Playwrights’ Workshop Montréal.

General admission :$27 + taxes
Student/Senior/Reduced: $22 + taxes (Use code rabais at checkout)

D.B. Clarke Theatre

Concordia University (Pavillion Henry F.Hall Bldg) 1455 Boulevard de Maisonneuve West, Montréal

D.B. Clarke Theatre

Concordia University (Pavillion Henry F.Hall Bldg), 1455 Boulevard de Maisonneuve West, Montréal

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Lucinda Davis

Kym Dominique-Ferguson
Writing Unit

Briauna James

Gita Miller

Michelle Rambharose
Writing Contributor

Sophie-Thérèse Stone-Richards

Shauna Thompson

Dakota Jamal Wellman
Writing Contributor

Maryline Chery

Marie Hall

Justin Johnson

Jahlani Knorren

Creative team

Mathieu Murphy-Perron
Director, Writing Unit

Tamara Brown
Assistant Director, Writing Unit

Shanti Gonzales
Assistant Director

Rodney Diverlus

Audrey-Anne Bouchard
Lighting Designer

Rob Denton
Sound Designer

Elena Stoodley
Sound Designer

Sophie El-Assaad
Set Designer

Noémi Poulin, Costume Designer

Jaclyn Turner
Projection Designer

Pamela Warden
Makeup Designer

Nalo Soyini
Assistant Designer

Lucia Corak
Stage Manager

Nikita Bala
Production Manager

Martin Nishikawa
Technical Director

Lydie Dubuisson
Writing Unit

Diane Roberts
Dramaturgical Consultant

Marie Barlizo
Dramaturgical Consultant

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