2020-2021 Season


Having been the first company to stage theatre in Montréal after the first wave of COVID-19, Tableau D’Hôte remains committed to having stories ready for audiences to safely enjoy once we are allowed to gather again.


Spring – a showcase of readings featuring the class of 2020
Curated by Camila Fitzgibbon
May 25th – 29th 2021
Segal Centre for Performing Arts


Inspired by the theatre school graduates of 2020 whose creative sparks were whirled by the COVID-19 crisis, Tableau D’Hôte Theatre presents a special event honouring their tenacity.

Actors, designers, technicians, playwrights, and directors from the 2020 graduating classes of Montréal’s English-language professional theatre training programs will converge in a series of staged play readings showcasing their talents. Featuring graduates from the Class of 2020 of the National Theatre School of Canada, Concordia University, John Abbott College, Dawson College, and UQAM, this public performance of curated new works will stand as an honorary convocation for the next generation of Canadian theatremakers, and provide them with an industry introduction amid limited opportunities in a pandemic world.

From the loss and digitalization of their final student productions comes a community celebration of their academic artistic work – live, in-person, and on a professional stage.


Shorelines by Mishka Lavigne
Directed by Mathieu Murphy-Perron
June 10th – 20th 2021


Set in a not too distant future, where sea levels have risen beyond the breaking point. Entire shorelines are being redefined as levees and containments breach. Crumbling cities are abandoned by the rich, as others are left to salvage what once was. In one of these dying cities, twins Alix and Evan find refuge in an abandoned swimming pool; Gran, lost in the shadows of her shattered mind, represents the voice of the past, and offers a glimpse into everything that may have happened; and Portia, now a high-ranking government official, returns to familiar places. Mishka Lavigne’s Shorelines is a non-linear poetic play where memories of the past and the urgency of the present collide.

With more surprises, both small and large, still to come.