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Tableau D’Hôte Theatre regrets to announce that its June production of Mishka Lavigne’s Shorelines has been cancelled due to internal requirements curtailing not only public performances but also rehearsals.
Ticket purchasers have been contacted to arrange credit or reimbursement.
While we recognize that this decision may be disappointing and inconvenient, we thank you in advance for your understanding.

Set in a not too distant future, where sea levels have risen beyond the breaking point. Entire shorelines are being redefined as levees and containments breach. Crumbling cities are abandoned by the rich, as others are left to salvage what once was.

Mishka Lavigne’s Shorelines is set to receive its world premiere this June in a rather unconventional outdoor location: Espace Éthel, a multi-level panoramic parking garage in the heart of Verdun.


The ticket sale has been paused.

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Rosemonde Gingras
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Getting here

Cast and creative team

Maureen Adelson

Chadia Kikondjo

Mireille Métellus

Warona Setshwaelo

Mishka Lavigne

Mathieu Murphy-Perron

Shérane Figaro

Danielle Laurin
Stage Manager

Rob Denton
Composer and sound designer

Zoe Roux
Costume and lighting designer

Jaclyn Turner
Set and projection designer

Olivia Woods
Assistant Director

Camila Fitzgibbon
Apprentice Stage Manager

Andrew Scriver
Production Manager and Technical Director

Paige Gallette
Cultural Consultant

Devon Hardy
Environmental Consultant

Lindsay Petts
COVID-19 Coordinator

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