A coproduction with Black Theatre Workshop

Angélique, written by Canadian playwright Lorena Gale, is based on true events chronicling the life of Marie-Joseph Angélique; a Black slave who was publicly executed for having allegedly set fire to Montéeal in 1734.

The richness of Gale’s Angélique draws from elements of documentary theatre (based on actual trial transcripts), heightened drama, poetry and prose to investigate the years leading up to Angélique’s execution. Using a 1734 backdrop of Nouvelle-France, she holds a mirror to contemporary culture wherein the power of this piece reflects the unfortunate timelessness of systemic racism in society.

Jenny Brizard, Chip Chuipka, Darla Contois
Karl Graboshas, Tristan D. Lalla
Olivier Lamarche, France Rolland

Directed by Mike Payette
Set and costumes: Eo Sharp
Lighting: David Perreault Ninacs
Original Music: SIXTRUM Percussion Ensemble
Stage manager: Birdie Gregor

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