Mishka Lavigne'S


June 10th – 20th, 2021
More information to be revealed shortly

Maureen Adelson
Chadia Kikondjo
Mireille Métellus
Warona Setswaelo
Mathieu Murphy-Perron
Shérane Figaro
Set and Projection Design
Jaclyn Turner
Costume and Lighting Design
Zoe Roux
Sound Designer and Composer
Rob Denton
Stage Manager
Danielle Laurin
Apprentice Stage Manager
Camila Fitzgibbon
Assistant Director
Olivia Woods
Production Manager and Technical Director
Andrew Scriver
COVID-19 Coordinator
Lindsay Petts
Cultural Consultant
Paige Gallette
Environmental Consultant
Devon Hardy

About us

Tableau D’Hôte Theatre produces Montréal premieres of English and bilingual Canadian plays. Our theatre is often confrontational, seeking to challenge dominant historical narratives and unearth the buried stories of the nations upon nations upon nations that make up the colonial settler state known as Canada. We strive to create in an interdisciplinary, collaborative and democratic environment informed by principles of curiosity, kindness and solidarity.


Keeping the curtain up

Erratic is one word to use to describe François Legault and the Québec government’s approach to developing and implementing public health measures throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Unscientific, unsettling, and authoritative also come to mind.  The speed and intensity in which they backtracked on recently announced deconfinement measures in Gatineau, Lévis and Québec City is yet another damning illustration of how their capital-driven approach to public health endangers us all and risks pushing Québec into a cultural dark age of sorts.   


Our More than a footnote program explores little-known historical stories and figures that have shaped the communities and nations that make up Canada.

En pointe

Staged in secret outdoor locations throughout the summer of 2020, the first season of En pointe followed the encounters and adventures of interconnected characters living in a working-class neighborhood amid unprecedented world crisis. Emerging from their homes after a prolonged quarantine during a global pandemic, they seek human contact, purpose, and a sense of belonging. Consult the summaries and digital adaptations below.