A renowned Italo-Canadian barber contacted playwright Jesse Stong in 2013. His mother had passed away and he wanted to tell a part of her story: the secret part. She was a first-generation Canadian from St-Leonard. When she died, he decided to travel to his mother’s hometown of Calabria to visit his grandparents. Upon arriving, his grandfather revealed a long-held family secret, gifting him his mother’s Star of David necklace, and shared a story of the death and rebirth of their family. The bombshell revelation left him haunted by the fact that his mother never knew she was either adopted or Jewish. Winter’s Daughter is an intimate look at an often-overlooked moment in world history: the period between the two World Wars as soldiers returned home to try to carry on their lives as best they could.

Tableau D’Hôte Theatre 2019-2020 season


Tableau D’Hôte Theatre recently announced its 2019-2020 season alongside eight other professional English Montréal theatre companies. Our upcoming season explores what lies behind holding space, truth, power, and secrets by delving head first into what it may take to (re)claim personal and collective narratives and histories. With its first ever season dedicated entirely to new works, the company will ring in its fifteenth year by setting the stage for a daring new era in our history.

Recipient of 2019 commission

Michaela Di Cesare’s Hot Blooded Foreigner has been selected as the recipient of this year’s edition of our More than a footnote’s development program!

Hot Blooded Foreigner tells the story of 28-year-old Southern Italian immigrant Angelina Napolitano murdered her abusive husband with an axe while he slept. She was seven months pregnant. She spent the next hour cuddling with one of her four children before calling a neighbour and saying in her native dialect, “I just killed a pig.” Angelina’s story is notable in Canadian history because she is the first defendant to have used the battered woman defence at trial.

Hearing, finding, translating Kiyoko

First in a series of articles by Julie Tamiko Manning about her process, her discoveries, and her struggles while writing Mizushōbai (The Water Trade), the recipient of the inaugural 2017 edition of More than a Footnote 

“We could hear the tone and tilt and burst of Kiyoko’s voice but no one understood Japanese.  Except Ayumi.  The performance artist.  The runner.  The immunologist student. The sister of the writer whose novels I ate up because I ate up anything I could find from Japanese Canadian artists because I felt so alone and those were the people who made me see that I could be Japanese Canadian and an artist.”

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