The final season

En Pointe

Surprise! En Pointe – our episodic series of short bilingual street plays – is back for a third and final season all around Pointe-Saint-Charles, with new episodes presented every Sunday at 3PM between September 11th and October 9th 2022.

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About us

Tableau D’Hôte Theatre produces Montréal premieres of English and bilingual Canadian plays. Our theatre is often confrontational, seeking to challenge dominant historical narratives and unearth the buried stories of the nations upon nations upon nations that make up the colonial settler state known as Canada. We strive to create in an interdisciplinary, collaborative and democratic environment informed by principles of curiosity, kindness and solidarity.


Seller's kingdom

Webcomic adaptation by Jaclyn Turner of the fourth play from our En Pointe series.

Pointe “property investors” Léopold and Eliza manifest their ambitions of real estate riches in flipping a home with curb appeal for the new “Bourgeois-bohème”. In the seller’s kingdom, who leaves and who lives the homeowner dream?


Our More than a footnote program explores little-known historical stories and figures that have shaped the communities and nations that make up Canada.

En pointe, Season 1

Staged in secret outdoor locations throughout the summer of 2020, the first season of En pointe followed the encounters and adventures of interconnected characters living in a working-class neighborhood amid unprecedented world crisis. Emerging from their homes after a prolonged quarantine during a global pandemic, they seek human contact, purpose, and a sense of belonging. Consult the summaries and digital adaptations below.